The Southern Cultural Center, Inc. believes that Southern Culture is distinct from, and in our opposition to mainstream Amercian culture. Therefore, we stand for our own sublime cultural inheritance and seek to separate from the mainstream American culture. We believe that:

  • The South still reveres the tenets of our historic Christian faith and acknowledges its supremacy over man-made laws and opinion; that our Christian faith provides the surest means of securing the welfare of all mankind; and that our primary allegiance is to the Lord Jesus Christ, His Word, and His Holy Church.
  • Southerners are a people bound by a common history and culture that are defined by our flags, monuments, and memorials that must be preserved and protected.
  • Southerners are a people bound closely to the land. It is more that just a resource for production, it is who we are. It defines both our character and world view.
  • Southerners have respect for human life, in all stages, as a gift from God. Life should be preserved, nurtured, and protected.
  • Recognizes and promotes the sanctity of Christian marriage as an image of the relationship between Christ and His Church; understands that loving and stable families are the backbone of society; stigmatizes perversity and all that seeks to undermine the marriage and the family.
  • Perpetuates the chivalric ideal of manhood-respect for, and protection of, our women, and the development of the virtues of honesty, courage, duty, honor, and humility.
  • Believes in the rule of law and the wise, benevolent, and righteous application of justice by ecclesiastical and civil authorities.
  • Is a true constitutional confederation of sovereign, independent States who separately order and control their own internal affairs while working in unity with their sister States to conduct foreign affairs.
  • Does not infringe upon the individual or collective right to purchase and own firearms of any kind.
  • Does not infringe upon the individual right of life, liberty, and private property ownership.
  • Restricts the right to vote solely to those who are recognized as citizens of one of the member States of the Confederation.


As Southern Christian Protectors, we support the Christian values, culture, and heritage of the Southern people and their freedom and independence in their own land.

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