We will work to preserve the traditional culture of the South, which makes us a unique people.

We will work to educate all about our unique culture, both fellow Southerners as well as those that don’t share our culture. We will work to regain control of our own political destiny free of federal control of our State and local governments.

We will work to restore the biblical Christian foundations of the Southern people.

We will work to preserve and erect monuments, street names, flags, music, and literature that honour the South’s glorious past and future.

Executive Committee

Southern Cultural Center


What is the goal of the Southern Cultural Center?

In the era in which we find ourselves, it has become apparent that an intentional attack is underway against the South and all of our institutions. Historically, the South has always been the most conservative and Christian region of Amercia. Yet, since 1861, there has been a deliberate attempt to rob the individual States of their sovereignty and to centeralize all power in the hands of an almighty federal government.

This has resulted in a tremendous loss of liberty at the expense of both the individual and several States. It is the cause of prayer and the Ten Commandments being removed from the public arena; it is the cause of a loss of freedom of association, or private property, of freedom of speech and civil liberties… In short, it is a loss of all of the essential liberties that our Founding Fathers held so dear.

The Southern Cultural Center believes that the answer to these problems is a free and independant Southern republic.

We envision the States peacefully and lawfully exercising their right of self-determination and withdrawing from the present union dominated by an aggressive, centralized federal government; only then can a true constitutional republic, founded on the Bible and the original Constitution, once again exist in America. We are not so naive as to believe that the Northern states, nor their West Coast counterparts, have a desire to ever return to the Bible or the Constitution, if they ever did before; and, therefore, we know that the likelihood of reversing the current course of Washington is non-existent.

We do not believe that this struggle for an independant South will ever be an easy one… but we believe that it is the only hope for our children and grandchildren to live free!


As Southern Christian Protectors, we support the Christian values, culture, and heritage of the Southern people and their freedom and independence in their own land.

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